Extending the Conversation on Sexual Violence in Asian Communities on Campus and Beyond


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This is a series of dialogues initiated by UBC Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies and supported by the UBC Equity Enhancement Fund. These dialogues examine the intersections of race, gender, and violence, especially as they impact Asian student communities and open up spaces for students to share experiences and resources, build analyses, and discuss strategies of organizing against sexual and other forms of violence. The series will culminate in a public symposium in Spring 2017 to bring these conversations to a wider audience at UBC and beyond.

Organizational structure:
The project’s organizational structure is composed of two committees: the student committee and the advisory committee. The student committee consists of UBC undergraduate and graduate students who are interested and invested in topics of gender and sexual violence. The students develop the programming, participate in the dialogues, and share skills and knowledge. The advisory committee consists of UBC staff and faculty who have knowledge, skills, resources, and experiences related to the topic of sexual violence in Asian communities. This committee provides feedback and suggestions on programming, as well as additional support and resources if needed.

While the project is student-centric, we acknowledge the implicit hierarchies and power dynamics within the project’s organizational structure. By being mindful of these dynamics when working together, our hope is to build a community of students, staff, and faculty who can keep each other accountable.

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