Call for Zine Submissions // DEADLINE EXTENDED to Apr. 1st // ACAM Dialogues

ACAM Dialogues is collecting submissions for a student-driven zine scheduled to be completed by early April 2017. In this zine we hope to gather testimonies (what did you learn / what surprised you / what “stuck” with you) about this year’s ACAM Dialogues events and any visual art, creative writing, photos, etc. in relation to violence in Asian communities. We want to create a space for students to connect with one another beyond the events through this zine. Note: you do not need to have attended any/all of the Dialogues to submit!


Potential themes to explore // *This list is not exhaustive and we welcome other topics too!

  • Rethinking the UBC Sexual Assault Policy through an Asian Canadian Lens
  • Reclaiming our Bodies: Asian identities/sexualities on screen (media portrayals)
  • Sexual and relationship violence in Asian Canadian communities
  • Queer Asian Canadians
  • Healthy Asian masculinities
  • How to talk to family about these issues and intergenerational trauma
  • Solidarity w/in, across, outside of Asian Canadian/Asian diaspora communities
  • Check out for a refresher of our past events.



Deadline for submission is Saturday, April 1st



-If your piece is selected, we may contact you for edits.

– All submissions can be sent to Feel free to also email us with any questions that you may have.



The zine will be distributed to local nonprofits, libraries, and at various community events mostly within the UBC / Asian Canadian community. A downloadable version of the zine may be available online. The zine will be launched at the ACAM Dialogues symposium on Saturday, April 8th, 2017. Details to come.


Please share widely. We look forward to reading your submissions!


– ACAM Dialogues Student Committee


This zine project is organized by the student committee of ACAM Dialogues: Extending the Conversation on Sexual Violence in Asian Communities on Campus and Beyond. ACAM Dialogues examine the intersections of race, gender, and violence, especially as they impact Asian student communities and open up spaces for students to share experiences and resources, build analyses, and discuss strategies of organizing against sexual and other forms of violence. The series will culminate in a public symposium in Spring 2017 to bring these conversations to a wider audience at UBC and beyond. For more information, please visit